The War on Poa annua Continues

We have treated the greens and fairways a second time this spring with Embark, a plant growth regulator. If you recall from my blog post on April 22 we made the first application at the first sight of a Poa annua (annual bluegrass) seed head.  Poa annua is considered a weed in greens and fairways because of its shallow root system which cannot sustain a healthy plant during stressful weather. Embark will prevent the Poa annua from forming a seed head which helps in reducing the population of the weed. Also, If we did not treat the greens the Poa annua population would increase and the putting surfaces would become very bumpy and slow.

In the photo’s below you can see the weakened Poa annua has turned lime green in color from the Embark application. Meanwhile, the bentgrass is putting all of its energy into growing healthy roots so it can sustain itself throughout the golf season.

Poa Embark1 Poa Embark2


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