Help We Are Drowning And Can’t Breathe

In the last two weeks our staff was busy installing drainage into the sixth, seventeenth and eleventh greens. This will vastly improve the health of the turf grown in these areas.

The original greens built in 1970-71 were constructed of soil excavated from areas within the Abbey Springs property. A modern day green would never be built using native soil and no subsurface drainage installed. A sand root zone mix and drainage is essential in removing excess water from the green. When the soil is saturated compaction is compounded with foot and mower traffic eliminating soil pore space. Healthy soils must efficiently uptake oxygen into the root zone and exhaust carbon dioxide. Soils must drain and breathe in order to sustain plant growth.

17 drain2-1  17 drain5-2

17 drain3-36 green drain 4a


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