Municipal Water Line

Installation of the new water main for the Village of Fontana water tower is on schedule to be completed before the Memorial Day Weekend. New water lines are currently being installed on Abbey Springs Drive and will continue west along the south property line to connect with Indian Hills road. Crews are using directional boring to install water lines crossing under the 14th and 15th holes as well as the 1st and 9th holes. Directional boring is a process that creates an underground tunnel so pipe can be pulled back through without causing any surface disruption. The pipe depth is 12′ to 20′ depending on the topography. The pipe sections are fused together so there are no joints to leak or break, and is manufactured to last 100 + years. The old main line that runs under the entire golf course from east to west will be abandoned once the installation of the new pipe is complete. In the past crews have had to tear up large sections of the course to repair leaks in the old main line. We should never have to experience that problem again.



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