Slow moving spring

The golf season has arrived, sort of, and the current spring weather pattern has got us changing back and forth from our short-sleeved shirts into coveralls. We have had a few days when the temperature climbed into the 50’s, which helps stimulate some growth of the turf. Although, the evening temperature often drops below freezing which nullifies any increased soil temperature we gained during the day. Turfgrass needs to be actively growing to adequately recover from the winter and early golf play. If play begins before the turf is ready the negative effects will haunt us throughout the rest of the golf season.


Frost 4
Frosty mornings like this one are the reason tee times are delayed.

Ice crystals on the grass blades make them brittle enough to break off at the base when stepped or driven on. This can cause unsightly damage to the turf and if severe enough the turf may not recover.The picture on the right is damage caused by a golf cart driving on an early morning frost.


Frost 5  Frost damage


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